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2019 Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT 526.NX.0124.VR

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przez babyqi

Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT 526.NX.0124.VR fake watch Review

The barrel shell is Hublot Classic Fusion Ferrari GT 526.NX.0124.VR 45 mm wide and 15.1 mm thick. The top ring of the case and the ears at both ends are cut from four sapphire crystals. The lower layer of the case includes the back and crystal. The wearer can appreciate the overall mechanical structure of the watch in all directions. Unfortunately, due to technical constraints, Hublot is unable to replace other parts of the watch with sapphire crystal, so we still need to see metal crowns, timepiece buttons, shell H-screw, and folding buckles, but the belt is translucent. In order to maximize all Clear design concept, this watch will definitely not use the traditional dial, just for the original taste of Cal. HUB4700 automatic chain timer core. Although the core has no large hollow design, we can clearly see the position and operation of the internal core components, such as the rotation of the date circle at the outer edge.

In addition, Hublot also selected transparent rings on print-sized sub-dials, with the bottom set on the rings, thus creating a sense of floating, further enhancing the hierarchy of the watch. Not only that, but the outer three-dimensional time frame of the dial is also transparent, but usually the place where the luminous material appears is replaced by translucent grinding. Finally, add a sentence, the vibration frequency of the machine core is 36 000 vph, and it can provide 50 hours of power reserve, so the best swiss replica watches can not look strong and dry.

Buying fake swiss watches is also a matter of fate. I've seen the Great Bang shipwreck, but I didn't buy it because I wanted to see if there was a cheaper place. Later, the more expensive I looked, the more I gave up. This one, choose this one. It happens to be a limited edition, the number is the same as the three digits of the mobile phone, so I bought it. Although it is slightly higher than the budget, I still like it very much.

In addition, this watch works with WPT and has a limit of 188 watches. Therefore, in addition to the watch, it is equipped with a huge watch box, which contains a variety of chips, playing cards! It's arguably the heaviest and most unique watch box ever built (12 pounds)! The scale 8 on the dial is inlaid with seven rubies, shining in the light, very beautiful! It can be said that wearing this watch to Macau will be invincible (jokingly, wearing this watch to Macau in September, the result lost three days)!

It takes a lot of effort to send this watch box back from Switzerland. I will not elaborate here. I only know what I have learned! Fortunately, when I bought this watch, I bought two different color straps, otherwise I would not be willing to pay for the straps! A few days ago, I went to the Houblot store in Shanghai to ask about the price of a table. It's actually 5000. How can I buy it? It's too expensive! (Buying an Apple phone is one reason. Tens of millions of people are willing to buy a mobile phone, and 200 mobile phone shells are not willing to spend money. Watching hundreds of thousands of people willing to buy, you have to use a best swiss replica watches strap to actually spend money.

the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT Hublot ushered in the youngest brand image ambassador in history: Kylian Mbappe. At the age of 19, Mbape became the main player in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. He scored several key goals and helped France win the World Cup. He also won the Best Rookie Award in the 2018 World Cup in Russia. It has become a star of worldwide attention and praise. Hublot likes football! Haublot, who brings together many football legends, will invite "Ball King" Bailey to Paris to personally welcome Kilian Mbape as a representative of the Hublot family. The legendary King and the world's genius will gather in Paris, and Yuppo will witness this historic moment.

Golf is a sport that integrates nature, physical exercise and competition. It is a lifestyle promoted and followed by the famous Swiss watch brand HUBLOT. GOLF (golf) consists of four English words: green (green), oxygen (oxygen), light (sunshine) and friendship (friendship). These words are derived from "a good life in green space and fresh air". In golf course, there will be trees and trees, there will be endless wilderness, there will be endless blue sky and white clouds to accompany you. Changing weather, strange stadiums, always full of unknown and challenges, this tireless leisure sports attracted countless business celebrities and social elites, a perfect interpretation of the leisure and pleasure of foreign life.fake hublot watches have always admired a high-quality lifestyle.